April 11th, Visit to Miyako, Iwate Prefecture

We arrived in Morioka at 4:30 AM after driving 8 hours, and stayed at a hotel that Enson booked for us. Thank you, Enson! After sleeping a couple hours we set off for the costal town of Miyako, where we met up with Mr. Hatakeyama who kindly took us around to 3 evacuation shelters in the area.

Hatakeyama-san is an evacuee himself, and was carried along by the tsunami. He offered to drive for me, as he knew we had slept little the night before, and as he drove us around told us his story of surviving the tsunami, and how he and others had struggled through the first weeks after the quake.

For the first week he slept curled up in a corner by a fire station. It was only recently last week that they started having 3 meals a day, until then the daily rations was one rice ball and a small carton of juice.

While his house still stands, everything on the first floor had been washed away. Though he’s sleeping on a gym floor and has suffered losses, he was upbeat and doing what he can to help his neighbors.

When I see the loss and challenges that so many face up here in the tsunami affected areas, and how they are still so positive and doing what they can to assist others it makes me want to do all I can to help them.

Thank you, for your encouragement, support and prayers that are making these trips possible.






8時間運転して午前4時半に盛岡に到着し、エンソンが予約してくださったホテルに泊まりました。エンソン、ありがとう! 数時間寝た後、海沿いにある宮古市に向かい、ハタケヤマさんと会いました。彼は親切に地域の3つの避難所に案内して下さりました。








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2 responses to “April 11th, Visit to Miyako, Iwate Prefecture

  1. God bless you guys, Sam. We read the radiation level is rising–the Lord is so in control & I know you guys are so special to Him! Ganbatte ne! I’m sure it could hardly be possible to measure all the impact of the love & encouragement you’re sharing. xx

  2. T.

    So proud of you, Sam. I’m sure you made many people’s day.

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