Visit to Koriyama

We met up with fellow performers and volunteers Gene, Florence, Robert and Horii, in Koriyama. We’re happy to have Christophe who helped us get connected with Rossignol and Aaron Yamashita who is helping us document this project, accompany us on this trip. We first went to Seishounennkaikan which houses a hundred some evacuees. After putting on our show there, we went on to Big Pallet which has around 2,000 evacuees.

While we did not perform for large crowds at these facilities, we’re very happy to be able to share a little laughter, encouragement and hope with those we did our show for.

At each evacuation facility we go to, the need for emotional, mental and spiritual comfort is clearly a need. From children and young parents to the elderly, all those we met today were so thankful for the encouragement, songs and comedy magic and gifts we delivered.

We want to thank all those who have made this project possible. A special thanks to those who contributed to Project Ray of Hope, and many concerned individuals who gave donations and gathered supplies for us to deliver.


Yuki making some magic happen for this boy staying at Big Pallet, Koriyama


Sam talking to a man who had a new house washed away by the tsunami.







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