Performing and delivering toys and art supplies to 140 kids in Fukushima

20110427-081346.jpgOn April 26th we first put on our show for 90 children ages 3 to 4 at a kindergarten in Aizuwakamatsu. We started out with a comedy skit then went through our magic routine which had the kids laughing from start to finish. This was definitely the largest number of kids we did our show for in the Tohoku area, and very possibly the most energetic as well.

We needed all the help we could get from Gene, Florence and Aaron to finish making balloons before we rushed off to the second kindergarten to perform for another 50 kids (all 5 year olds). At both kindergartens we were able to pass out presents to each child and also art supplies, children’s story books, play dough and other toys which were donated by an international school in Tokyo.

These children and their families were all evacuated from the 20 kilometer radius around the troubled nuclear power plant. They have been able to move from evacuation shelters to hotels and ryokan which is great news. These kindergartens were going to close due to the slowly decreasing number of children in the area, but they are now packed with all the cute kids you see in these photos.

We went into the day ready to give to these children, but I think we were the ones who received more through their smiles, laughter and appreciation. At first some of the children looked sad, some were crying not wanting to be away from their parents but when it came for us to say our “good-byes” they were a lively smiling bunch.

We want to thank all those who helped to make this project possible through donations, gathering supplies to deliver and through your encouragement.










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