Delivering Supplies and Giving Encouragement to Rikuzentakata Tsunami Survivors

Yuki greeting evacuees at a center for people with special needs

It was a fantastic way to wrap up our 3 day trip to the Tohoku region. Our day started at 5:00 AM when we left Sendai to deliver clothes and also see where we might encourage people with our show in Rikuzentakata.

To put it simply, it was a full day. We first put on our show at a center for special needs people turned which was doubling as an evacuation center.





Sam & Christophe delivering clothes donated by Rossignol to Sun Village Evacuation Center

We delivered 5 large boxes of quality clothing donated by Rossignol at another center (Sun Village Takada) where Gene and Florence sang their moving songs. And we put on our show at a third evacuation center before making our way back to the Tokyo area.

Where we stopped for lunch. Near the top left is the house where Yuki spotted the kids

However the highlight of the day for us was unexpected and unplanned. We were eating lunch looking out over fields of debris still soaked with sea water, when Yuki spotted children near a house on the other side of the fields. Since we still had some toys and clothing, we decided to see if what we had to offer could be use to them.

We made our way to the place we had seen the children, and found 2 families eating lunch in front of their broken houses. We explained that we were putting on our show for children, and that we also had clothes and toys, they excitedly asked us to do our show for them. This came as a surprise as we were only expecting to leave some items with them and then be on our way, but we ended up doing a few bits of comedy magic and also were able to leave them with some shirts for the dads, jackets for the mothers, socks and underwear for the kids, and toys as well.



They were very thankful for the unexpected visit and we were also very glad that we were able to deliver some of the supplies and toys we had to those who needed it. This reminded us that while we do need to have an overall plan for our shows and deliveries, we also need to keep our eyes open for opportunities and visits that were not in our original itinerary.



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One response to “Delivering Supplies and Giving Encouragement to Rikuzentakata Tsunami Survivors

  1. Anna

    It’s good to see this chronicle. I can send the link to my friends all over the world, many for whom the quake and tsunami has been dwarfed completely by the nuclear reactor fear, so they can see where the most urgent problems are.

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