Revisiting Koriyama Big Pallet – Our 4th Tohoku Trip

We were invited to perform at an event being organized by One Life Japan at Koriyama Big Pallet. About 100 volunteers participated in the event with many making pizzas using an authentic pizza oven brought in for the occasion. Some 30 hairdressers, and 30 members from the Japan Massage Association also helped to cheer up the 1,300 evacuees still staying at the Big Pallet center.

The place looked a bit better than it had one month ago, and a large field that had been used for a parking lot now has lines of new temporary housing units. Things seem to be looking better for the people here, but they still need a whole lot of encouragement.

It was great to participate in a larger event with so many other people giving in what way they can, wether it be preparing pizzas, giving a foot rub, or giving a hair cut.

We’ll spend the night at a friends house in Sendai, and tomorrow we’re off to Higashimatsushima to deliver t-shirts, toys, art supplies and bug repellant. We’ve got 2 shows lined up for the afternoon, but we’ll also be looking for needy people along the way who might need some of the supplies we have loaded in our van.






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