Visit to Minamisouma Kindergarten

On October 24th we made our first trip to Minamisouma, located just outside the 30 km radius around the crippled nuclear power plant. We had received an email several weeks back from our friend at Rossignol who mentioned that they had 7 large boxes of children and women’s clothing to donate, and just a few days after that Mercidado NPO also asked us to help with their project in MInamisouma. We were very happy to have another opportunity to continue helping the people of Tohoku.   Here are a few photos from our trip.

One of the cute kids who helped us do some magic

Two representatives receiving pre-made balloons so that all the kids could take one home

Group photo with Yotsuba kindergarten kids and Mercidado

Christophe & Yasu delivering 7 boxes of clothing from DPAM toddler clothes and Rossignol Ski wear

We were scheduled to put on our show at Yotsuba kindergarten in Minamisouma for 60 children at 13:00, so we left early in the morning and made good time on the highway. Aside from running into a few road blocks due to high radiation readings near Minamisouma, we made it there safely. We were happy to find that the readings on our geiger counter at the kindergarten itself was relatively low and that the children all seemed to be in good health.

We’re thankful for the many kind and generous individuals who have made our relief and encouragement efforts possible. A special thanks to Jean Barthelemy at Rossignol, Pietro at Mercidado NPO and Christophe Bosquillon who helped to coordinate gathering needed items and supplies.


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  1. Tremendous Sam, Yuya & all. I can’t believe you guys travel around with your own geiger counter! I’m sure those kids were soooo touched to have you visit! Good on you!!

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