The Team

Isamu Matsuoka

Is the program manager for Let’s Party Tokyo. He has been active in helping others through charity projects, and has participated in disaster relief after the Kobe earthquake in ’95, and the Niigata earthquake of 2004. He is the father of 3 young and active boys and is married to the beautiful Leika. Together they are doing their small part to help those in the Touhoku region who lost so much in the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. This project has been made possible through the encouragement and support of neighbors, friends, and colleagues. We hope to keep you updated on how things progress via this blog.

Yuki Kubota
Through our top quality kids entertainment program we hope to bring laughter, joy and hope to the shelters we will be visiting, especially to the children. We believe that this is something unique that we can offer at this time when the needs turn more to the emotional and mental help and encouragement.
Special thank you to my wife and 4 daughters for your support and love.

Yuki Kubota is the event manager for Let’s Party Tokyo

We’d like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all those who made this trip possible.
Bruce Cliber
Gabe & Windy McNair
Jeremy Yamaguchi
Ken & Natacha Okazaki
Kibou Terasaki
Tomoko Matsuoka

Tadaura family

Special thanks to the following wonderful people who donated items for us to deliver:
Aika Yamashita
Okada family
Shimomura family

Ms. Nakamura

Suzuki family

Yushi Shimonaka


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